Who are we?

After 18 years of hairdressing and with a young child (Cooper), I found myself ready for a change that filled me up in a new more meaningful manner. They say when you have children, it changes you. For me this was the case. As a strong peoples person, with a desire for a creative environment, and already well inspired by the Early Childhood Education profession, the search for a suitable Centre began.

After searching for 18 months; pausing along the way to have Samara, and arriving at Folkestone Street Child Care Centre, the dream spot was found! Inspired by the instant ‘Homely” feel, falling for the love of the outdoor area and feeling well ready for the challenge, I felt sure this was the perfect place. At Folkestone Street we believe children spend many years in ‘institution’ like environments, and we value these early years as the only time to work with a pure clean canvas, before a child becomes a part of ‘the system’. Hence a ‘Homely’ feel and a Kiwi grass roots environment are our top priorities.

Quality care by way of good teacher/child ratios, combined with teachers who bring not only an educational background, but also complimentary life experience. An open and inspired mind, provided in a collaborative and respectful manner is paramount to the foundation of our philosophy. Our goal is to provide quality care and education, and to help you develop your child to be a confident individual who has the self esteem to embrace who they are.

Who Is Folkestone St